Plastic surgery for miss V

Plastic surgery for miss V


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Plastic surgery to reshape or re-create the labia and Miss V fields other than regular surgery among women today. Two more action than usual is vaginoplasti and labiaplasti.

Vaginoplasti is women’s action, which involves surgery to narrow the Miss V muscles and muscle tissue around the buffer Miss V has helped to restore the wall of the weakness of the Miss V muscles and improve flexibility in the Miss V competition and as a result, a more satisfying sexual relationship.

Plastic surgery for miss V

Women who opt for this surgery are the hips are loose floor muscles after childbirth or suffering some times difficult to keep from urinating, and drool once urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, or when lifting heavy objects.

Labiaplasti involve downsizing or re-formation of the labia minora (about twice the tissue), usually identified lips of the vulva.

A woman with a large labia minora or defects in shape to undergo physical If you wear clothes, exercise or pain, and this may make them feel less confident that will affect the quality of their lives.

Skin Care Procedures

Usually after anesthesia. This procedure uses the latest laser technology to increase muscle flexibility, strength and muscle control in the Miss V effectively. Basically, in this way it helps to reduce the depth of the Miss V and output. Laser also intends to use the more efficient and tidy this procedure.

After surgery, the women were asked to stay at home and healing – about 1-2 weeks.

Similarly DLV is a process for beauty structure including the labia minora vulva, labia majora, mons pubis, perineum, and inserted the hymen. This is in addition to LVR aims cosmetic surgery to create a Miss V it looks like a teenager.

In an interview with “Mother and Child” (January 2016), a magazine published by MediaCorp Singapore publication, Dr. Lee looks like a fantasy action in women with the art of cooking – “Cook studying ways to cook but just chefs who can cook foods creative and beautiful. Attention to this aspect is important too.

“during the LVR consultation / DLV, Dr. Lee will use the mirror and told his patient to say whether the change that you want to form a Miss V them, then Dr. used me a pen to draw a Miss V and that is exactly what is required by the patient, pull the muscle tissue to show what We can expect results after the bombastic show the formation intended. However, if the patient is convinced then Dr. Lee will continue with this procedure.

He said Dr. Lee also: “Now, there is no reason why women can not continue to have more children. Yes, the child is greater today, and they will make more lax women, but very good for the mother to know that this procedure can improve this the problem “.

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