5 Facts About The Most Horrible Plastic Surgery

5 Facts About The Most Horrible Plastic Surgery


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Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular day by day. If the first of many women who are shaking their heads in fear of the pain of cosmetic surgery, this time from the women no longer cares about the pain, and the emergence of important more visually appealing.
Yes, I have become the daily diet, cosmetic surgery, often as if you wear lipstick every morning. Korean Wave phenomenon makes a lot of people see for themselves how plastic surgery makes a person to be perfect and beautiful.

5 Facts about the most horrible plastic surgery

The results of cosmetic surgery smooth and natural in turn attract other women to dare to do the same thing.
While in the United States and Europe, women are used with breast augmentation surgery and liposuction. Wants plastic surgery or not, if for every woman to choose life. However, before doing cosmetic surgery, you’ll want to read some terrible danger behind her beautiful cosmetic surgery.
5 Facts about the most horrible plastic surgery:
1. Liposuction deaths than traffic accidents
Liposuction or commonly known as liposuction is one of the cosmetic surgery favored by many women proceedings. Just relax, and sexy appearance to worry about fat can be lost. No need to bother to exercise and dieting for several painful months. Unfortunately, the reality shows the terrible number of deaths from liposuction surgery is higher than the number of deaths resulting from traffic accidents. According to the statistics of the United States, the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents, 16 accidents per 100,000, while the 20 per 100,000 liposuction procedures.

2. Cosmetic surgery costs require more than one capacity
It’s no secret that the cosmetic surgery costs would be prohibitive, not to mention the usual period of convalescence and control every year. Many ordinary people who force themselves to do anything to be able to finance cosmetic surgery for themselves. Sometimes it becomes very sad because many women do not have the money to choose the shortcut, which inject themselves with certain materials or take advantage of the clinic Aba Aba services. As a result, not only the beauty that is obtained, but health is at stake. Permanent facial and body damage is one of the risks.

It’s no secret that South Korea is known as a country with citizens who often cosmetic surgery. There, plastic surgery is not something that is taboo, even a source of pride. You can easily find ad, super-large on the street, which encourages many people doing plastic surgery.
Not only artists who perform cosmetic surgery, but all people, men and women, and even teenagers who are still in their teens. Although the population of middle-aged complained that distinctive facial plastic surgery removes Korea, the people there still love plastic surgery procedures (see also 10 interesting facts about plastic surgery in South Korea).

4. Why cosmetic surgery addiction

Not only alcohol, drugs and smoking, which can lead to addiction, and plastic surgery as well. Many people are wondering Ngapain heck retained plastic surgery? The original is already a pretty face. McCain surgery is not even the most trivial, for some people, and plastic surgery is not just a very nice change, but it became an obsession and addiction.
This is associated with mental disorder. A former model named Alicia Douvall is one of the victims. His face was already beautiful, unfortunately 350 times destroyed the face of cosmetic surgery and his career. Alicia now conducts a campaign to help other women who suffer from disorders such as himself.

5. Cosmetic surgeons often make mistakes

There was a man who lost his nose because of plastic surgery, the doctor accidentally cuts error. A similar incident in many patients cosmetic surgery. Not all surgeons are experts in their fields. Many doctors and pretending to be a plastic surgeon in order to obtain higher wages.
Many faced in everyday life dermatologist, and bladder, which is specialized of male reproductive organs, and even doctors who claimed to be a plastic surgeon. This of course is very detrimental to the patient. Must be plastic surgeons special abilities, which ensure that the operating procedures, which did secure.
Well, that’s five most egregious facts about cosmetic surgery. After reading these horrible facts, do you want to do plastic surgery for beauty?

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